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Frequently Asked Question

What is this initiative about?

The outbreak of Coronavirus disease has impacted millions of lives in the country. During this pandemic, we have come across many COVID-19 positive patients who need Oxygen supply to save their lives. There is a huge supply constraint in ensuring availability of oxygen for these patients.

Charity by Press24 News is taking the initiative to arrange Oxygen Concentrator machines to help hospitals replenish their oxygen supply for patients in dire need of the same. Support us by contributing towards this cause to save lives by donating on Charity by Press24 News.

Web donations will show up on our database approximately 24 hours after the transaction is complete, but donors will receive an immediate confirmation of their donation.

Is my donation tax deductible/eligible under Section 80(G)?

No, donations to Charity by Press24 News are not tax deductible. If you have questions or you live on United States, please contact your tax advisor.

India – Contributions to Charity by Press24 News will not be exempted from income tax under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

How will the money be collected and used?

Your gift, pooled with other support, will help us deliver critical aid to children and families around the world during emergencies and within our programs.

All the contributions made through Charity By Press24 News will be directly transferred to PRAUDS INDIA. PRAUDS INDIA will buy oxygen concentrators and distribute to needy.

How can I volunteer at Charity by Press24 News?

Please visit our Volunteers page submit your resume.

How/When will I get a contribution receipt?

Contribution receipts will be issued by Charity By Press24 News. This may take a few days. Please check this space again for steps to download receipts after a few days.

Can I cancel the contribution/request refund?

Contributions once processed cannot be cancelled or refunded.


Charity By Press24 News will match the 2% contributions received through this initiative. If a user makes a donation of Rs. 5000, Charity By Press24 News will contribute 2% of the same amount to this fund.
This would be applicable on all contributions made to this cause using any funding source.

Need Help?

For the needs of a special donation, you can contact

   (91) 9415928776