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What does Charity by Press24 News do?

A contribution becomes a donation when the asset is “out of the donor’s control.” This is determined by the type of asset you contribute, when and how it is transferred to your United Charitable donor advised fund account.

Who is Charity by Press24 News?

Charity by Press24 News run Press24 News a Media Organization owned by Kotgari News & Media Network Pvt. Ltd. based in UP,India. Our desire was to transform the world of philanthropy by looking at all human beings as members of a single, global community where everyone had the opportunity to build a life of dignity.

Events and Outreaches?

These are seminars, discussion forums, and public talks designed as interventions aimed at enlightening, raising awareness, and addressing specific gaps, challenges, and potential threats for young people.

How to Contact Charity by Press24 News?

You can reach us via

Email/form support/Phone 

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed"

Peeyush Upadhyay

CEO of Charity by Press24 News

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    How we can help

    There are extensive community service opportunities for those looking for volunteer work that will help the impoverished and suffering throughout the world.

    Let us guide you through an easy of understanding Donatics volunteer programs.
    Learn how to be a good Donatics volunteer by mastering your personality.

    Company Information

    Our five-year program helps villagers identify most vulnerable children and develop care plans for them

    We prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and donors. We are is fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started and achieve our vision.